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Awesome program!! I am so thankful that my granddaughter got to be a part of it!!! Thank you!!

Sandy Hanson

Can’t believe six classes ago I was making a difference in my life attending this program. It was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I am truly blessed for the opportunities it opened up for my peers and me.

Patryck James Hulme

I graduated 1999 Bravo platoon and to still see this program still existing and helping out the youth is amazing. This program helped me out in so many ways when I was younger. It molded me into the adult man I am today. Most if not all of my drill sergeants from my day are probably gone but being at Fort Dix with my Bravo brothers was some of the best times of my teenage life.

Tyron Belin

Best 5 ½ month period of my life.

Christian Vanegas

Hard 6 months but worth every early morning and push up lol. Now at 30 I look back and still apply the Structure, Discipline, and Strength that changed my life for the better.

AJ Webb

This program is the gateway to success I am living proof. Stay motivated, remain committed and graduate.

Ro Low, Class 22 Cadet 1SGT

I walked that road nearly 12 years ago. It was trying but in the end, I became more disciplined and built friendships I still have today.

Petagay Taylor

Great program. I was there 22 years ago. Changed my life.

Rocky Devivo

I was one of those kids many years ago. And to say it helped me become who I am today would be an understatement.

Giovanni Medina

My son graduated class 50 and it was the best thing he has ever done! He truly misses being at the Academy! Stay strong! It’s worth it! As a mom I always went back to their motto of trust the process!! They truly care and want the best for the kids!

Kerri Clark

Thank you NJ Youth ChalleNGe Academy. With your help and guidance, I am the woman I am today.

Angelina Chrissy, Class of 2002

My twins graduated from here; the best decision we ever made. Our twins are now in law enforcement and a firefighter. Thank you for helping to make a positive difference in their lives.

Noemi Suarez

I went! Class #2 of Aug 95. I wish it would’ve lasted longer! I signed myself up. Gave it all I had. 5 months wasn’t enough! ChalleNGe excites me.

Kenneth Linen

Thanks to the New Jersey Youth ChalleNGe Academy. My grandson graduated from there in April 2019. With the help and guidance of so many caring people, he came out a better boy and decided to give up his past and join the Army in May 2019 and is doing very well. Thanks to all who helped him go in a better path.

Marlene Thrall

The New Jersey Youth Challenge Academy did wonders for our son. He found a sense of purpose and developed a new level of maturity while there. We highly recommend this Academy to anyone who’s ready to move onward and up in the world.

Torie Neel Pendleton

When my son Chris was a Cadet several years ago, he loved doing community service. I am thankful for your program and all your staff for transforming my son into the wonderful young man he has grown up to be.

Karen Rotondo

Good luck to the Cadets. My son was in 51 and doing well. Even though the pandemic cut it short, he and our family are forever thankful for your leadership. Blessings to this program.

Deidra McLaughlin

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