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Our program has a vast array of options to meet any Cadet’s needs. The most important element is a willingness to take advantage of the learning opportunities provided.

The Academy provides individualized instruction for each Cadet to take and pass the General Education Development (GED) test or participate in Credit Recovery (CR) classes. GED classes are concentrated in the five areas tested for the certificate; Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts – Reading and Writing. The CR classes are aligned with New Jersey Department of Education’s requirements for high school diplomas. Core teachers are certified with the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE).

Two Program Tracks

We offer two academic programs approved by the NJDOE. Cadets focus on either a GED course of study or on a Credit Recovery program. 

Cadets in the Credit Recovery program have an opportunity to earn high school credits. Cadets may recover lost high school credits (or maintain) and return to their home high school to complete their diploma following completion of the 5.5-month residential portion of the NJYCA.

To tailor academic programs to each Cadet, the Academy uses The Adult Basic Education (TABE) test to measure incoming and outgoing performance that correlates to traditional secondary school grade levels. This initial assessment of skill level is conducted soon after arrival.

Teachers use the results from this assessment to develop the Cadet’s educational plan. The exit TABE test determines the successful completion of the Academic Excellence Core Component and is administered approximately 18 weeks into the program. 

Engaging Students

Teachers provide instruction using all teaching modalities to engage cadets in meaningful activities ensuring readiness for GED testing or Standards of Learning (SOL) driven high school credits.

Our goal is to hone their ability to learn. Cadets are administered a pre- and post- Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE) assessment to measure progress during the program. 

Additional Activities

In addition to academics, our program offers extracurricular activities in athletics, student clubs and student council. The Academy sponsors a number of events, guest speakers and field trips to enrich our curriculum and integrate our students into the community.

These activities are secondary to academics and promote positive interactions in the residential program. Cadets failing to adhere to program requirements are not allowed to participate in these activities.

Homework & Tutoring

Tutoring is provided daily and during the weekends. Cadets are encouraged to utilize this additional opportunity to obtain subject mastery. Homework is assigned daily with students being responsible for completion daily during evening study time.

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